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      Today, almost half of those suffering extreme poverty live in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority work in agriculture.

      Your donation is life-changing. With your support, Farm Africa can help farmers whilst preserving the environment. We also work with local and international markets to ensure strong supply chains and profitable businesses, improving the lives of whole communities!

      Attention! Our Recipes team are currently on furlough to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, so we are not able to fulfil our Recipes for Prosperity Cookbook at this time. You are welcome to make a donation and we will be in touch about your cookbook as soon as we can, but please bear with us! Stay well and thank you.
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      Donate. Help farming families in eastern Africa.


      What's in the book?lols10平台

      The cookbook is a 22-page booklet, bursting with recipes inspired by our projects and the countries we work in. From sweet potatoes to cashew nuts, the versatile ingredients mean the book is full of vegan and vegetarian dinners, delicious weekend bakes and plenty of east African recipes!

      We hope you love cooking from it, knowing that your gift has helped farmers in eastern Africa improve their lives.


      lol赛事竞猜官网 1 Agriculture - Effective farming techniques are key to driving up agricultural production in Africa. Farm Africa will ensure farmers make the most of their land, whether they grow crops, keep livestock or manage fisheries. With your help, we’ll share our expertise in growing the most appropriate and profitable crops. We’ll help prevent pests. We’ll ensure farmers get the high-quality inputs they need: seed and fertilisers, warehouses to store crops and vaccines to protect animals.
      电竞外围投注平台 2 Environment - Widespread deforestation and destruction of grazing lands are threatening the livelihoods of forest communities, pastoralists and farmers across eastern Africa. Your gift means we can use our expertise in forest and grazing land management to work with farmers to conserve their resources for the long term. We’ll help unlock the potential to make conservation profitable.
      S10下注 3 Business - Farm Africa will work to strengthen every aspect of farming supply chains, from soil to supermarket. Thanks to your support we can ensure farmers adapt to what buyers want. We’ll help them build co-operatives, so they can sell in bulk and we’ll be able to support those who collate smaller farms’ produce to sell to wider markers.
      lols10 Recipes for Prosperity Cookbook
      Donate. Help farming families in eastern Africa.

      Photo credit: Farm Africa/Esther Mbabazi

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